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Lady Macbeth from Msensk

„Whitehouse is simply enthralling. She’s a vocally full-bodied soprano who can appear in her petticoat without fear and carries off the tightwire act of making Katerina pitiable (sympathetic would be going too far).“

The Australian, 14 June 2002

„Elizabeth Whitehouse in the title role of Katarina is worth the price of an A-reserve ticket. Across the demands of a high tessitura, compounded by octave leaps, which the world’s greatest divas have considered impossible on first sight, she sustained a purity and preciseness which amounted to perfection, vocal glories kept aloft by her dramatic intelligence.“

The Bulletin, 25 June 2002

„But the opening night proved to be an all-round triumph, with Elizabeth Whitehouse in the soul-searing title role, letting fly unstintingly with her powerful spinto, never giving less than her all.“

Opera, December 2002

„As for individual performances, Elizabeth Whitehouse’s Katerina was a triumph for its dramatic stamina and vocal strength.“

The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 June 2002