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Manon Lescaut

„What is splendidly right about this production is Elizabeth Whitehouse…. Her beautiful voice, is authoritative and intelligent as she takes us through the character’s learning curve from naive innocent, to gold digger, to tragic heroine. Her death scene then proves to be most touching because Whitehouse, who is also a great dramatic actress, has shown us this women’s soul. But the problem is she simply outshines the rest of an otherwise competent cast. Her star would shine in a sulphur mine.

The Australian, August 1997

„The great thrill of the evening was Elizabeth Whitehouse’s appearance in the title role. Her performance earlier this year as Senta caused a sensation, and we all came to Manon Lescaut with high hopes for a repeat performance that would again combine glorious singing with a committed, intense and persuasive portrayal. She was wonderful, particularly in the way she turned the final act into something compelling and climactic, rather than a seemingly overlong epilogue to the real story“

The Herald Sun, 8 August 1997

„ ... she commands the ear and the eye and the stage with the magnificent variety of her voice and with the confident grace of her acting.“

The Sunday Age, 10 August 1997