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„…..In 20 years of Fidelio-going I have not heard the role more securely sung with more radiant tone, even by some very famous Covent Garden interpreters. Whitehouse is the heart and soul of Tim Albery’s brilliant staging,….“

The Sunday Times, 21 August 1994

„Elizabeth Whitehouse is a beautiful, glowing voice and hers is a brilliant portrayal not only of Beethoven’s great redemptive heroine, but of a startling modern woman of her time, a true feminist before the term had been invented.“

The Scotsman, 16 August 1994

„The star of the production is the extraordinary Elizabeth Whitehouse whose powerful voice with its bell-like transparency of timbre more than matches the demands the composer makes of it.Her singing is thrilling to hear and she brings in addition emotional conviction and persuasive acting skills. Her Leonora is utterly hypnotic and enchanting, a proto-feminist hero.“

The Age, Melbourne, April 1999

„The most moving aria was of Leonora, portrayed by soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse, ….In her expressive singing we heard the feminine softness and sentimentality, more than in any other role.“

Ma’Ariv, Tel Aviv - October 2001

„It would be fair to say that Elizabeth Whitehouse bowled Wellington audiences over as comprehensively as she did those in Sydney when she appeared there as Senta in 1996. The wonder that a singer can look so right; can act the young man so convincingly and sing with such clarity, yet display the necessary maturity and weight of voice to command the big dramatic moments of the opera, is almost astonishing. Hers was a marvellous performance, histrionically and vocally. I can pay her no higher compliment than to say that, in umpteen years of opera-going around the world, I have never seen the role better performed.“

Opera Opera, May 1998