Believe in Love

Rare french and italian Opera-Arias

Elizabeth Whitehouse soprano
Richard Bonynge conductor
Orchestra Victoria

Release-Date: 2005
Label: Melba

Critics remain in their
original language

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„Tasmanian soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse deserves praise…(she) is passionate, eloquent, and tonally rich. Her intense, floaty account of Adriana’s ‚io son l’umile Ancella‘ can bear comparison with many from better-known sopranos.“

Ralph Lucano….. American Record Guide (USA)
September / October 2007

„Whitehouse ….makes a good case for these works, …..The sound is excellent with good depth…Primarily for opera buffs and the curious. The packaged presentation of the Australian label is a model of its kind.“

Steven Ritter ….. Audiophile Audition (USA)
20 July 2007

„So, hats off to Richard Bonynge, soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse and Melba Recordings for offering such a rare treat… Australian opera-goers have come to know Elizabeth Whitehouse as a fine dramatic soprano with an arresting stage presence. She is in splendid form here…. For lovers of fine singing and adventurous repertoire, this CD is a must.“

John Barns ….. 3MBS FM „Libretto
October /November 2007

„Whitehouse consistently does her repertory proud….. there is plenty to admire as one endures the trials and tribulations of this hand-picked litany of mostly obscure operatic heroines in the delicious company of Whitehouse… Whitehouse’s sound is pure voluptuousness, heard in splendid collaboration with the rhapsodic, ocean-like swells of Orchestra Victoria..“

David Gyger …..Opera-Opera
September 2007

„Elizabeth Whitehouse, who over the past two decades has established a considerable international reputation, and has recently featured in some memorable performances for Opera Australia. ….and in this collection of operatic gems both orchestra and voice are captured with a tonal quality of high-fidelity and notable beauty.“

Bill Hoffmann….. Canberra Times (Australia)
6 June 2007

„Believe in Love …. And who wouldn’t want to with this recital of rarities from the Australian dramatic soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse. This beautiful journey, full of discoveries and surprises, is magnificently put forward with the richly coloured tone of Elizabeth Whitehouse, who deserves special applause for her exemplary French diction and the seductive bloom of her phrasing….“

Anne Bluet ….Anaclase (France)
May 2007

„Melba has given us a beautiful release on which Richard Bonynge, the famous Australian conductor, Orchestra Victoria and soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse, explore some of the rare operas of the Italian and French repertoire ….In addition, we can enjoy soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse, one of the more interesting Australian voices in the international arena…. In summary, there are extraordinary rarities here that demonstrate there are still other operas to discover.“

Exquisite Opera Rarities. La Discoteca de Hispaopera (Spain)
March 2007

„With magnificent packaging, (we have) the French and Italian rare arias recital subtitled „Believe in Love“….soprano Elizabeth Whitehouse ….. displays real charm …..beauty of tone …..listen to the recording again and again …(it’s) the best thing to do..“

Gerard Conde´… Opera (France)
March 2007

„She has a powerful voice and shows us a great ability to depict the different characters…

Jean-Jacques Millo … Opus High Definition (France)
March 2007

„Elizabeth Whitehouse possesses a great feeling for drama and is very musical. The quality of sound is colourful and Richard Bonynge with Orchestra Victoria support her voice while creating an atmosphere of love that is truly magnificent.“

David Tonnelier ….. ClassiqueNews (France)
February 2007

„Whitehouse’s patrician voice soars in this perfectly chosen journey and the only note of doubt is why we have had to wait until now to hear her on disc. Wonderful.“

Bruce Raggatt…. Readings Books Music Film (Australia)
February 2007

„ThisCD definitely is the most unhackneyed recital to have been recorded in 2006, surpassing Fleming’s Diva and whatever unknown music Ms. Bartoli has „discovered“ to avoid comparisons with her predecessors. ..Whitehouse has a very agreeable soprano…in abundance: a good legato(I cannot think that Bonynge would record with a soprano who did not have that necessary attribute), a fine sense of dynamics and good top…She sings with conviction and can float her voice like she does in Adriana Lecouvreur. I for one would be glad to hear her in any of the operas these arias come from. I very much regret that she was not in the complete recordings of Salvator Rosa, Zaza … or the brilliant Mascagni operatta Si, which really lacks such a fine voice…..I would gladly exchange my CD-R copies of pirate performances of Cinq-Mars of Etienne Marcel for a professional recording with Miss Whitehouse.
In short, this ist he CD any vocal buff would do well to pick up …here is an exciting repertory and a good voice to go with it.“

Jan Neckers ….Opera Nostalgia (Belgium)
February 2007

„A sumptuous feast of neglected arias delivered by the leading Opera Australia soprano, captured in amazing surround sound on a hybrid SACD…..Whitehouse is a great singer-actress. Her dramatic range and vocal poise are to be treasured.“

Thomas‘ Music (Australia)